VANQHISH is the latest generation of non-contact radiofrequency  (RF) for non-invasive breakdown of fat cells throughout the body.

Before the first treatment, we take a photo and we do measurements. Then lie back and relax on the chaise longue. The VANQUISH is placed in the correct position without physical contact.
For 45 minutes you will only feel a slight heat in the treatment area. During this time, you can watch television, make phone calls, etc. After the treatment, you can continue your normal life. After 2 months, the final result is visible.

What results can you expect from Vera Aesthetics & Cosmetics?

The success of the treatment with VANQUISH depends on each client. A healthy lifestyle optimises the result.

It has been scientifically and clinically proven that the fat reduction can reach 32% after 4 treatments, i.e. up to 2 sizes in 4 weeks.

Price 400,- one session


What Is Vanquish?

Unlike liposuction, vanquish is a non-surgical approach designed to decrease the circumference of the abdomen and thighs through the selective heating of fat tissue. The procedure uses radio-frequency energy to target and destroy fat cells by heating them up which results in fatty cell shrinkage and elimination. One benefit of Vanquish is that although the energy penetrates deep into the fat layers, the device used in the procedure doesn’t touch the skin so the tissue above the fat layer is unaffected, making it safe for the surface skin layer.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Another benefit of Vanquish is that the applicator is large and can treat large areas of the body. That means that you’ll need fewer treatments to get the results you desire than you would typically need to have with other non-surgical body sculpting methods. In general, people will have 4 treatment sessions with one session per week. Each session is typically 30-45 minutes and there’s no downtime or special post-procedure care to worry about, so you can go right back to regular activities.

What Happens During Treatments?

Comfort is one of the advantages of Vanquish treatments as compared to other shaping options.  The procedure is contactless and there is no pain associated with the therapy. During the treatment you’ll feel some warming sensation in the area being treated, but it feels like you’ve been covered with a warm blanket and is actually quite relaxing for many people.  Some patients will continue to feel a warm sensation for a few hours post-treatment.

What Results to Expect?

Vanquish provides a general shrinking effect in the entire treated area rather than an immediate bulge removal. However, some patients can see results after a single session and those results are much more pronounced after their subsequent sessions. Many patients drop a full size and lose anywhere from two to five inches after the entire treatment of four or more sessions. An advantage of Vanquish is that it kills the entire fat cell rather than just the fat inside the cell, so the results you’ll see are long lasting as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Who is a Candidate?

Vanquish is a fat reduction option for men and women who are looking for body shaping improvements without the cost and recovery time of surgery. Vanquish treatment are specifically designed to reduce the amount of fat in the abdomen and thigh areas, and is available to patients with any Body Mass Index (BMI).  It is a viable way to help people who are unhappy with their core area despite using diet and exercise appropriately to target the problem area. As with most cosmetic procedures, the aesthetic improvements from Vanquish technology will vary with each patient.

Non recommended for: 

  • Patients with pacemakers or other electrical appliances – heart disease
  • Metal implants in the treatment area
  • Screws, wires in the treatment area
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Cancer patients (cured for less than 5 years) – acute inflammations
  • Varicose veins in the treatment area
  • Arterial / vascular diseases