This is a new technique aimed at modifying the silhouette, especially when there are localised fat deposits, which are difficult to treat with dieting or sport, etc. It is an alternative to liposuction without the heavy consequences of surgery, since there are no scars, anaesthesia or pain.

Vera Aesthetics & Cosmetics has a cryolipolysis machine of the latest generation, with a temperature down to -8°C, marketed under the name CoolTech® (Medical Cocoon, made in Europe). Cryolipolysis enables fat tissue to be reduced selectively and non-invasively using cold.

What is the CoolTech®?

The CoolTech® procedure is a new, non-invasive, gentle way to effectively remove fat from specific, localised areas of your body, such as the stomach, waist & back. What makes the CoolTech® procedure so special is the innovative cooling technology that allows the targeted removal of fat cells in a natural and gradual process that does not damage the skin.

Under the action of the cold, the fat cells are weakened and then eliminated by the body’s normal metabolism. The result is a noticeable and natural reduction in fat deposits, which is maximal after an average of 2 to 3 months.

Application method:

No anaesthetic, no medication is necessary. An applicator sucks up the fat tissue between two cooling plates. This suction causes a stretching sensation in the skin that will last a few minutes while the cold settles in the area to be treated. During the procedure, you will be either seated or lying on your back or side depending on the area being treated.

The treatment will last 1 hour per treated area. Two separate areas can be treated at the same time. The procedure remains comfortable. You will be able to read, listen to music, work on your computer or iPad or just rest.

Other non-invasive procedures include acoustic waves, radio frequency, and thermo-stimulation.

IPL and cavitation are not selective, but combined with Cryolipolysis. They give faster and more effective results.

Recommended for:

The waist
The padding above and below the bra
The inner and outer side of the thighs
The arms
The abdomen
The fold under the buttocks

This treatment is not a slimming technique. To optimise the results, it is advisable to accompany it with a healthy lifestyle. We will be happy to advise you about this technique and your goals.


Price Time in min Tarif par séance

1 Zone

60 min


2 Zones

60 Min.


3 Zones

120 Min.


4 Zones

120 Min.