Microdermabrasion for purified skin

Our technology: SKINLIGHT – the power of diamonds and the purity of light

Thanks to all its profound technical actions, Microdemabrasion promotes cell renewal and tones up tissues. It reduces wrinkles and guarantees the disappearance of thin surface lines. The skin, cleansed in this way, immediately radiates clarity. From the first session, the effect of “increased radiance” is visible.

The duration of treatment depends on the skin texture and the desired result. It varies from 6 to 12 months. For thicker skin, we recommend sessions every 14 days, for thinner skin a monthly treatment will suffice.

The treatment is painless and suitable for all skin types. During the first sessions, a slight reddening may occur, but it disappears after a few minutes. Microdermabrasion is also an excellent body exfoliation as it can be done on all parts of the body. This treatment requires little time and leaves no marks on the skin.

The different techniques of SKINLIGHT:

Facial Cryotherapy
Measuring hydration
Suction drainage (vacuum drainage)

The different possible treatments:
Anti seborrhoea
Oily skin and acne
Stretch marks
Facial Hygiene
Reduction of expression lines

In the long term, acne lesions can cause skin damage that will continue into adulthood, including unsightly scars and hail.

Commercially available lotions, ointments or salves only treat acne once it’s present. The Dermaminceur approach is rather to treat the sources of acne, namely the hair ducts, sebum secretion and dead cells. Our treatments are carried out using the HydraFacial device, which is the most recent and effective technology in the treatment of acne. Existing acne scars are treated with the Exilios radio frequency device.


Smoother, firmer and better moisturised skin
A significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles from the first session.
A clearer and healthier complexion
Visible attenuation of stretch marks

Vera Aesthetics


The first effect I noticed after a treatment was the youthful, radiant look of my skin.
-Julie, Biel

My wrinkles have diminished and the red spots have almost disappeared. The very texture of my skin breathes health.
Alexandra, Biel

I noticed the change in my skin on my first visit.
-Carole – Nidau

I was surprised to see the change in my skin on my first visit. The brown spots were much lighter and my face was visibly hydrated and radiant. I am really happy: I am getting married next month and my face is completely transformed!
Carole – Nidau

Uma sessão é suficiente para recuperar uma cara radiante, mas lembre-se que os resultados duradouros precisam de um tratamento completo e regular