The diode laser Primalase (Cocoon Medical)

Used by Vera Aesthetics & Cosmetics is at the cutting edge of technology. Suitable for all skin types and for hairs of all colours (with the exception of white hairs).

With this new technology we can finally treat all parts of the body without causing pain. Its cooling system is very efficient and reliable, it cools the skin to a constant temperature of 6°C. Thus the treatment remains pleasant throughout the session.

Hair is removed quickly, efficiently and reliably. The duration of the treatment is reduced by 30% compared to other laser devices.

The other difference compared to other technologies is that the Primalase Diode Laser works with extremely short but very energetic pulses.

In this way, unwanted hair can be treated throughout the year, even in summer, and on all skin types from I to VI (from white to black skin).

Clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness from the very first session.


Static & Dynamic-Modus (SHR)

Une fiabilité extrême contrôlée et certifiée.


How does hair removal work?

The laser beam penetrates the tissue in fractions of a second. It is absorbed by melanin, a pigment contained in the hair root, and is converted into heat. This thermal reaction causes denaturation and destruction of the root.

Special cooling techniques and diode laser light protect the surface of the skin from overheating.


Duration of treatment for total hair removal:

For women, 6 sessions are recommended (1 session every 6 weeks).
For men it may be necessary to do up to 10 sessions (1 session every 8 weeks).


Contraindications to the laser treatment:

Pregnant women
Photo-sensitising drugs
Treatment of hormonal disorders
Skin problems such as shingles, herpes, chicken pox, etc.
Tattoos (To be covered)


What results can I expect?

Over the course of the sessions you will notice a reduction in the thickness and number of hairs on the treated area, then a slow regrowth and finally an absence of regrowth. Permanent hair removal is achieved in several sessions, because in each session the laser only destroys hair in the anagen phase, that is to say, in the growth phase.

The treatment plans will be adapted to each case. Do not hesitate to ask for advice and a free estimate from our institute, which will also be able to evaluate the average number of sessions necessary for your specific case.

For your greater safety, our laser meets ISO standards and comes from a high-quality Swiss supplier who ensures that our machine is regularly maintained and overhauled, as well as certified training courses.

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