HydraFacial MD® 

A revolutionary skin care treatment,

Beautiful, clean and full of vitality thanks to HydraFacial MD

1 hour 180.- CHF



A soft and radiant skin, different from other cosmetic treatments!

60 min. 100.- CHF

90 min.  150.-CHF

120 min. 200.-CHF

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Fat reduction by cryolipolisis at -8°

“the alternative to liposuction”.

70 min. 99.-

Laser hair removal offers

The diode laser for all skin types and hair of all colours,

can be used all year round, also in summer, without causing pain.

Face 100.- CHF

Shoulders and back 300.-CHF

Full legs 300.-CHF

Bikini line / full women 150.- CHF / men 180.-CHF

Vera Aesthetics

Vanquish is a revolutionary non-invasive selective RF system designed to eliminate contactless fat cells. The applicator

Vanquish offers a new dimension in terms of comfort and treatment versatility.

Fat cell elimination

45 min. 400.- CHF

Vera Aesthetics

Our alternative to EMSCULPT Get to know the equipment that “lifts” the buttocks without plastic surgery or gymnastics

Hiemt muscles is the only procedure that helps women and men develop their muscles and burn fat. In addition Helfer muscles includes the world’s first non-invasive procedure for buttock augmentation. the effortless Brazilian buttock!

50 thousand push-ups in 30 minutes 150.-CHF