Acoustic waves are an ultra personalized approach for each body. These waves penetrate deep into the skin tissue to act at the heart of the problem, directly on the fat deposits. The skin’s elasticity, density and firmness are improved. After several sessions, the treated area is reshaped. The result is a liposuction effect without surgery!

Effects of acoustic waves on the fat tissue:

Acoustic wave treatment aims to revive the microcirculation that is slowed down in areas of cellulite, to reduce fibrosis and to soften the thickened connective tissue of cellulite. This leads to an overall reduction in cellulite appearance and reduce body circumferences.

Acoustic wave treatments indications:

Here, we are not dealing directly with weight problems, but with localized fat or cellulite clusters that distort the silhouette ( stomach, hips, arms, etc…). In addition, the effects of acoustic waves allow them to act on skin problems related to cellulite (orange peel skin, fibrosis…).

Combinations of treatments for optimal results:

  • The action of acoustic waves associated with radio frequency helps to shape the silhouette, smooth and soften the skin by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic activity and by the progressive destruction of cellulite.
  • The action of the acoustic waves also makes it possible to treat scars and stretch marks.
  • The action of acoustic waves combined with cryolypolysis and muscle stimulation: allows the treatment of flaccid skin in addition to fat deposits.It takes 6 to 8 sessions (45-60 min), but from the first session the skin becomes more elastic and firm.

RayLife® technology was our first acquisition and has always been the success of the house!

We have been working with this technology for 5 years and we, and our customers, are more than delighted with the results.

What are you waiting for to come and experience these benefits?

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Treatments Time in min Price per session


30 Min.



60 Min.



20 min. - 30 min.

90.- to 100.-


45 min. - 60 min.

150.- to 300.-